Green Innovation In Wastewater Treatment

Mission Statement

Bioshaft Water Technology, Inc. offers integrated, sustainable solutions that provide our customers a renewable resource and promotes the preservation of our world's water resources.

About Bioshaft

Bioshaft Water Technology is based in Southern California, and specializes in the removal of water soluble organic compounds from both Industrial and Domestic Wastewater. Our technologies enable industries with with a range of high strength to medium strength wastewater to economically treat a variety of complex contaminants while achieving excellent BOD/COD reduction for discharge to POTWs or DPDES.

Bioshaft also specializes in designing and manufactures wastewater treatment plants that primarily treat domestic wastes from households apartment complexes, labor camps, and resorts.

The BioShaft System is a natural process that makes use of a sophisticated biofilm attached aerobic system that utilizes naturally occurring microorganisms in the waste stream to rapidly breakdown, consume and ultimately remove up to 95% of the sludge.

Conventional wastewater treatment produces significant amounts of sludge which must be additionally treated and disposed of at tremendous cost. In fact, it is estimated that over 35% of the operating costs and 25% of the capital costs of a conventional wastewater treatment plant are devoted to the pressing, dewatering, transportation and disposal of sludge.

The BioShaft System technology successfully overcomes many of these types of problems that have confronted prior attempts on wastewater Treatment.